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Please check below the main features & benefits that heypatm will provide for your business

1. Keep all your customer records in one place

Keeping all customer records easily accessible and in one place dramatically improves your productivity and saves you a lot of time.

2. Save up to 4 Hours of your time per day

Send quotes, invoices and payment receipts within minutes. Collect customer payments on time.

3. Schedule and book your quotes and jobs

Scheduling the jobs is also very simple in Heypa. You will have a powerful calendar where you can separate all your jobs and quotes and view all relevant information for them.

4. Never forget the priority tasks

For example your customer called and left a message on your mobile that he wants to book the job. You can simply add this as a priority task to his Enquiry Card.

5. All business tasks at the glimpse

Heypa dashboard is a unique feature within heypa software, because it allows you to see all your main business activities at the glimpse: including new enquiries, scheduled quotes and jobs, priority and follow-up tasks.

6. Increase your sales by up to 175%

You will always see the enquiries where quotes are still not arranged. So nothing will get lost and all your customer enquiries will be handled on time.

7. See the value of each follow-up call

For example you can create an automatic follow-up task every time you send a quote to your potential customer. As an example you can set a an automatic follow-up task to be created after 3 days from the day you send your quote.

8. What gets measured improves

In heypa, statistics section makes an absolute sense, you will get the most important information to make smart business decisions. Heypa Statistics is divided into 4 main areas: New Enquiries, Quotes, Jobs and Payments.

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