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1. Fast Quotes To Your Clients

Professionally designed quotes via email, sent from your mobile, tablet or desktop within minutes of consulting with potential clients.

You save time preparing quotes and your potential customers receive your quotes much faster compared to your competition. This dramatically increases your chances of winning new business.

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2. New Lead Statistics

The source of every new customer lead (such as word of month, online or newspaper) is recorded, so you know exactly which of your marketing sources is most effective. No more guessing.

heypatm will help you save money by accurately recording effective marketing sources and investing in those, and discouraging you from wasting money on those sources that do not work. Know the marketing sources that are working for your business and bringing you new customers.

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3. Automatic Follow-Up Tasks For Quotes & Jobs

Follow-up task settings allow you to set up automatic tasks (reminders) to ensure you and your staff remember to follow up with customer about recent quotes. You can also set up follow-up tasks for completed jobs so you remember to proactively contact your repeat clients for more work.

You will win more jobs and make more money if you follow up with potential new customers, or prompt past customers to use your services again.

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4. Online Access For Daily Workflow For You & Your Staff

heypatm provides you and your staff with online access for better business workflow including: priority tasks, job descriptions, quotes, follow-up tasks and much more.

You will save time and make your staff more accountable for the daily tasks related to your business. With central access, everyone can be informed in real time about assigned tasks, knowing what has been completed, and what is yet to be done. This way, nothing important is forgotten and your business runs more smoothly.

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5. Quick Daily Statistics

Easy to understand daily statistics are always available. These provide a snapshot of how many new leads you receive each day, and of these, how many were already attended to, and which are yet to be attended to. You have the ability to rate your tasks as normal, important or critical, and other handy ways of quickly and efficiently organising the information.

Make more money by being prompted by the heypatm system to attend to your top priorities, such as booking new and ongoing jobs and collecting money from customers. You also make more money by ensuring all new leads are attended to.

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6. Customer & Supplier Database

heypatm keeps your customer and supplier databases all in one place so you can easily find all information about previous customers and suppliers and keep records up to date.

You will operate your business more efficiently and save time, and along the way add value to your business. When the time comes to sell your business in future, buyers prefer to see clearly how many clients, jobs and leads your business had received, and will value a great track record.

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7. Job & Quote Calendars

See all your prebooked quotes and jobs in the online calendar.

heypatm saves you time by helping you plan your work schedule more efficently.

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8. Organised Workflow Of Your Business

heypatm provides unique workflow management for your daily business tasks. From recording new customer lead details to booking quotes and jobs, sending personalised email quotes, analysing daily activities and helping you keep track of most important and profitable tasks.

Save money and time by orginising your work and making your staff accountable for important daily tasks, such as recording new customer leads, sending and following up on quotes, booking and managing jobs, and much more.

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